Monday, March 21, 2011

What I've learned from watching Buffy....

In writing that is.

In the second season in one of the extra features, Joss Whedon (Buffy creator and writing mastermind) was shooting a scene that wasn't working. He said the characters just couldn't get it right, it didn't feel right to him, it just wasn't working. Then it clicked. "We're filming this in the wrong setting."

I had a similar epiphany the other day. See my beta (who also happens to be my sister) sent back a chapter and pretty much ripped it a part. I told her to of course, because I knew it wasn't working but I couldn't figure out why. She pointed out the why and a few more things along with it. But then it clicked.

"I'm writing it in the wrong setting!"

I love when things come to me like that rather than after I've re-written something a million times. (Yes I'm talking to you first three chapters of Akasha!)

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Matthew MacNish said...

I saw your comment on Elana's blog, so I thought I would stop by to follow yours.

Nice ta meet ya!