Thursday, May 26, 2011

Book signing!

Last night was my first book signing! It was pretty cool. I knew I was going to embarrass myself somehow and thankfully got that out of the way right off the bat by giving a lady the wrong change. At least she didn't laugh at me. (Not to my face anyway).

I gave a little presentation about my book and touched on e-publishing a bit. Overall I think it went well considering I don't like public speaking and
when I get nervous my jaw shakes. (seriously what's up with that? I have to clench it to keep it from shaking and then I talk funny!)

A lady approached me to say she had a friend who wants me to do a book signing in Clifton. Which is another small town (I think even smaller than Safford), but it's still cool. I'm good with the small town scene!

The people who had read my book already were very generous with the compliments. Which totally made my night! Hopefully they tell their friends the same things.
I wish someone would have told me I was covering Nichole's mouth. ;)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Once upon a time

I used to play guitar. Not well, just messing around mainly, but I really liked it. I even named my guitar Mr. Pluckey. You know, because you pluck the strings. ;) Before I wrote novels I wrote songs. They're easier since they're, you know, way shorter. Before I got married I wrote a song about the lines guys use when they break up with you. It'd make a good country song.

Back on point–When I got married I kinda stopped playing. My husband is way good and I guess I kept comparing myself to him. Lame, I know, but I did. Tonight we played guitars together for the first time in ages. There's this song I am in love with and I'd love to say it's about Bryshen and Nichole, but it isn't. I've had this other story brewing in my head for a while and this song fits it pretty well. My hubby helped me figure out the chords since the tab they have for it is totally wrong.

Take a listen if you like. Don't worry, it's not me playing. But just to warn you, the story in my head isn't a happy one.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Book 2

I shot my mouth off a little prematurely. I told several people that book 2 was finished and I was in the editing stage, and was hopeful to release it by the end of the year. Which at the time was true. The thing about the editing stage is that you get to go back and "fix" everything you don't like about it's current condition. And it just so happened that there were a lot of things I didn't like about it.

I spent about two months editing (and by editing what I really mean is re-writing, because that's basically what I did). But all the little fixes still didn't fix it. It makes me want to cry, really. I had it all planned out. Book 1-Nichole, Book 2-Bryshen, Book 3-Connor. (Ya, he's new, but you'll like him). Apparently, I can't write boys. The harder I tried, the worse it got.

I decided to scrap everything I had and try again through Nichole's pov again. Seriously, I want to cry. I sent the first 7000 words to my sister (also my crit partner), and we both agreed it was way better. Book 2 will have to be completely re-written. I'm a little excited about that. (Even though I still want to cry a little) I want to make sure I release the best writing I can do, not just that will work, writing.

I doubt it will be ready by the end of the year. Most of editing is putting it away for weeks or months so you can look at it objectively with fresh eyes. Plus life has gotten pretty busy around here. I have committed to writing 7000 words a week. Some weeks there will be more (I'm hoping), but I'm sure my sister will hold me to it.

It'll get done. Nichole's story isn't finished yet.

Friday, May 13, 2011

She is Alive!

(This is a re-post. I came on to comment on someone's comment and the page wasn't there. So if you see this twice, sorry.)
Ya, I've been gone for a bit. Not physically, but you know...not here, on the blog, here. So if you've gotten the feeling I've been avoiding you, you're right.

If I may be truthful for a moment, I'm not a big fan of blogging. I have NO IDEA what to blog about. Seriously, there are only so many things I can post about my book before people start rolling their eyes. And, let's face it, I'm no writing expert. What advice could I possibly give that would help anyone. But this is supposed to be a writing blog right?

I started thinking, maybe I should write about other stuff. You know me stuff. Likes and dislikes. But, remember I'm being totally honest and baring my soul here right now, I've been afraid to do that. What if they all laugh at me? What if they all think I'm looney? Ya, I'm pretty self conscious that way. And a bit egotistical to think others would care that much, right?

This is all going somewhere I swear it. The thing is, if you knew me in real life, I'm a bit feisty and opinionated (my sisters and husband can attest to that). I tone it down in public because I'm afraid people won't like me because of it. Seriously, I'm a total nerd.

I guess what I'm saying, is that if there's any place I should feel comfortable being myself, it's on my blog, so I'm going to try and just blog about whatever I might be thinking/feeling/wondering about that day.

So, here's your first peek into my life. I cannot wait-CANNOT WAIT until my kids go to bed tonight so I can cuddle up on the couch and watch the season finale of Vampire Diaries. I know I'll be frustrated because they always leave on a cliff hanger-and I'll scream "why do they do this to me!" But even so, I'm excited.

*takes deep breath*

There. That felt good.