Friday, April 22, 2011

FFF: The Guitar

When I started writing Akasha my husband asked if the main love interest could be based (somewhat) after him. He doesn't look anything like a Romanian/Indian though, so that didn't work. But we compromised.

There are signs of him everywhere. Joshua is patterned after him quite a bit, (I have a thing for curly blonds with blue eyes). He named Captain Reg after one of his World of Warcraft characters and I also gave him frizzy hair in honor of my hubby, (His hair can get quite fuzzy when we go to the beach).

But my favorite thing, is that Bryshen plays guitar. My husband is an amazing guitar player. When we were dating he talked about how he could play guitar but I thought it was just one of those things guys say to impress you. I wasn't impressed until I heard him.

Totally melted.

Have I mentioned I love acoustic guitar?

Part of me wishes I could have expounded on Bryshen's playing a bit more. After all it's only mentioned in the one chapter. It just wasn't important to the story though, just one of those things that makes Bryshen him.

At least now someone knows why.

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