Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I knew I was going to jinks myself. Due to illness and formatting issues it will still be a couple of days before Akasha is released. However, I have submitted it to Amazon and as soon as they give me a thumbs up the paperback edition will be available for purchase. YAY!

Until then, here's another quote from the book:

The sound of your heart beating is a sound you are so used to you never hear it anymore. It's a sound from birth, from before birth, so much a part of us we never think of it. I had never listened to the sound of my beating heart, thumping as it pulsated blood to my veins and circulating life through my body. I had never noticed it.

Until it was no longer there.

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Jules said...

I love that quote.
Hope all is well!!
Now let's gat this thing rolling!!!