Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is in the air

Being valentines day and all it would feel strange not to talk about romantic books. Especially since that's the main thing I like to read. Not romance genre of course, (I like my romance clean, thank you). There's a lot of buzz about how Stephenie Meyer redefined the YA genre. You can't pick up a YA book anymore without there being romance. Which is just fine by me. (I'd like the YA novel about witches with romance on the side please).

But romance has been around long before Edward's sparkle made us all sigh. Those lovable hunks just happened to be older. Hello, Mr. Darcy! Which makes me wonder, does it just seem like there's more romance in YA? Or is there really? I'm not the best judge since I wasn't romance driven in high school.

So what do you think? Do you have to have romance for the book to be good? Is it a major plus? Or do you just wish YA could get back to the casual boyfriend/girlfriend mentioning of the past?


Stacy said...

The YA genre has been stepped up a notch as far as romance goes. It's not just romance anymore, it's got to have tension and electricity.
Personally, I love romance in books (movies and tv, too). It keeps the story moving. And I'm talking about real romance, not just a sexual scene with some hot guy/gal that crossed the protagonists path at just the right time.

Mike and Shayla said...

I love it when books have some aspect of romance, but I've never even read a "real" romance novel. My favorite is when they don't get together (or kiss) until the very end, but everything has been building up to that point.

Clint said...

My favorite book is Enders Game mostly because of the romance between Ender and that one girl. Well its not really in the book but I'm sure it happened.