Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The southern draw

It would've been cool if I could do another book review this week, huh? Ya, well, too bad. Life gets in the way sometimes, doesn't it?

I'm currently reading To Kill a Mocking Bird. The book club I'm in seems to choose classics for January. Not that we actually say, hey let's pick a classic to start the year off, it just sorta happens that way. Which is good. But after last years The Count of Monte Cristo debacle (of course it was only a debacle to me), we went with something a little easier to read.

It is not one of those books that you would describe as gripping. At least not yet (see above-haven't finished). But it has that classic feel to it. The kind of book you want to take your time reading. And to get to the point of what this post is really about, it's Southern.

For some reason I'm drawn to books that take place in the south. I really have no idea why. Even in school, learning about the civil war was something that actually kept my attention. And if you know me, you know I hated history class. Kind of like Buffy.

So are there books you're drawn to? I know some people love to read anything about WWII, or eat up 19th century literature, etc. But to be drawn, not to a period in time, but to a region? Does that seem a little hokey to anyone else?

Maybe it's the accent. They do talk pretty cool.


amy said...

Hey, Heather! I love most southern things too. When I was in high school we had to vote on the book for our english class to read. The class voted for tequilla mockingbird...boy were they disappointed when they got the book and their wasn't any tequila in it! Enjoy! I really liked it!

Heather said...

Oh my gosh, that's hilarious!!