Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Book Review: Paranormalacy

Thanks to Jannette Rallison's blog (author of My Fair Godmother, How to Take the Ex out of Ex-boyfriend), I found out about a little writers conference being held not too far from my humble home the end of this month. I say little conference because it's only one day. I plan on attending a "big" one that's three days long next month.

There are going to be 11 authors there! Yes, I'm very excited. The thing is, I didn't really know who they were. Not by name anyway. When I started looking their books up I recognized some of the covers. Two caught my eye. I purchased one.

It was the right one.

As I said in my last post I'm editing right now. Translation-no reading gets done. This is why. I sat down on Saturday to read a chapter or two just to clear my head a little. What should have been a rather productive day in editing ended up being me sitting on the couch reading for hours because I couldn't put the dang thing down.

I don't go into detail about what the book is about on here. If you really want to know go read the blurb, but if you're like me, you like to go in with as little information as possible. So I'll just say, it definitely had a Buffy vibe to it. Think season four. There were even some lines in there that I had to stop and say, I can totally hear Buffy saying that. But again, it was just a vibe. I never felt like Kiersten White was trying to copy.

It shifts about halfway through the book, and without giving anything away, the story is taken to a place I didn't really expect. It's all so very...normal. And in this genre, Paranormal Romance (emphases on the paranormal surprisingly), that's a little different. And yet you're still drawn on to find out what happens next.

The "love" story in this book was completely believable. It made me feel like I did in high school all giddy and ridiculous. It wasn't overdramatic as a lot of paranormal romances are. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I love the drama. It's just nice to read something that doesn't go there once in a while.

So, if you like demon hunting girls with strong personalities and cute shimmering boys- that last part is not what you think-you should read this. I plan on picking up the sequel at the conference and begging the author to tell me how she does it. That's not weird, is it?


karen said...
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karen said...

no heather it isnt weird its normal and i am so proud of you and i will get this one too thanks for the review

Jules said...

You had me at Buffy...