Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to life, Back to reality

I am back from vacation and excited to get back to writing again. I purposely left my junk drive at home so I woulnd't even think about writing. Which was good. It left me to day dream and work out a lot of details. Unfortunately, those details weren't about book two.
Lets face it people, book two is being forced. I mean, I haven't even thought of a name for it. How good can it be? I'm taking a break and worki
ng on something I'm actually excited about.

And with all those pesky details worked out in this l
ittle brain of mine, I really am VERY excited about this one. But all I can tell you about it for now is that my inspiration will come from watching Buffy again. Could this be why I'm so excited? Perhaps. I really miss her.

One more thing. There are no demons.

Enough about that! California was a lot of fun. We
went to Legoland but we only have two girls. Very easily scared girls, so we didn't ride a lot of the rides that didn't involve sitting in a boat and looking at stuff. But they had fun all the same.

The beach was their favorite. And I think it was
mine too. I know it was my hubby's. He's like a fish. Isn't he hot?
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