Monday, May 23, 2011

Once upon a time

I used to play guitar. Not well, just messing around mainly, but I really liked it. I even named my guitar Mr. Pluckey. You know, because you pluck the strings. ;) Before I wrote novels I wrote songs. They're easier since they're, you know, way shorter. Before I got married I wrote a song about the lines guys use when they break up with you. It'd make a good country song.

Back on point–When I got married I kinda stopped playing. My husband is way good and I guess I kept comparing myself to him. Lame, I know, but I did. Tonight we played guitars together for the first time in ages. There's this song I am in love with and I'd love to say it's about Bryshen and Nichole, but it isn't. I've had this other story brewing in my head for a while and this song fits it pretty well. My hubby helped me figure out the chords since the tab they have for it is totally wrong.

Take a listen if you like. Don't worry, it's not me playing. But just to warn you, the story in my head isn't a happy one.


Stacy said...

Do you have any of your songs recorded? It would be pretty cool to hear some of them...please?

Heather said...

I do! Too bad they're recorded on a cassette tape. I have no way of getting it onto my computer.
I know, you're so sad.